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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Workshop
-About Change
-Common Obstacles
-CBT Overview
-CBT Principles in Action
-Thoughts Cause Feelings
-Automatic Thoughts
-Unrealistic Thoughts
-Depression Affects Thinking
-Thinking Styles
-Thinking Styles Example
-Summary of Principles
-Keeping an Automatic Thought Record
-Thoughts and Feelings
-Step #1: Record Info
-Step #2: Rate Info
-Step #3: Respond to Info
-Helen's Responses
-Step #4: Get Results
-Appropriate Expectations

For Download
-Thinking Styles List
-Automatic Thought Record
-Strategies for Balanced Thinking
-Mood Chart

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Workshop

A Few Thoughts about Change

As we start anything new and wish to make changes in our lives, itís not unusual to have some ambivalence about change. Here are some things to keep in mind as you move forward with this workshop:

  • Be patient with yourself. Trying new things can be frustrating at first, but with practice, perseverance, and patience, you will likely experience a rewarding payoff.
  • Change is a process. Bringing change into our lives is a process of moving among breakthroughs, insights, setbacks, disappointments, and triumphs. There are many ups and downs, but inevitably we can reach our goals. What we can achieve is often well worth the challenges we face along the way.
  • Change takes time. By the time we reach a place in our lives where we decide we want to do something about our problems, we have likely struggled with them for quite a long time. You may have had depression for many years. It will take some time to learn to manage it well. Be careful about wanting a quick fix or rapid results. Try not to get down on yourself if you don't think you are progressing as fast as you want to.
  • Change can be scary. Human beings are interesting creatures. Even though we may live with difficulties and want something different, that something different is unknown to us. It is frightening. What we know well are the difficulties. Oftentimes, we tend to gravitate toward what we know even if it is something undesirable.
  • Did I suggest, be patient with yourself? Some of the activities that lie ahead will be challenging, some will require some time. There may be moments when you want to quit this workshop and walk away. That's okay! If you find yourself getting too frustrated, take a break. Don't do too many things at once. Pace yourself. Take it slow. You'll get there!

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