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First Blog Entry!

Posted in General on June 28th, 2010 by Dr.P :) – Comments Off on First Blog Entry!

Dr.P :)Welcome to my first blog entry! I thought this would be a good opportunity, first to thank you for visiting I hope you find the website useful for your needs!

Secondly, I hope to provide some interesting blog entries for you to read and comment on. I plan to discuss a variety of topics related to clinical depression, including commenting on recent news and research, discussing what I’ve learned as a therapist working with clients who are depressed, offering tips on understanding and managing this illness, and providing words of hope and support for those of you who also struggle with depression.

Thirdly, I will write some blogs focusing on depression and cancer as I was recently diagnosed with cancer myself. Since I have begun treatment for colorectal cancer, I have seen a number of people who understandably struggle with depressed mood. While I know it can be difficult, having a good attitude about cancer and its treatment can go a long way towards a healthy recovery. I have also devoted a thread on the Community Forum about cancer and depression for those who may be interested in participating.

Today, though, I’ll start with highlighting some updates I’ve made to my website, AllAboutDepression. While I have made this website available free to the public for about 11 years, I have neglected to update it in some time. You know how it is, work and life gets busy and some important things get put on hold. However, since I have been getting treatment for cancer, I have taken a break from my job, which has allowed me to update my website and add some new features. I have removed some outdated information and features, and added Dr.P’s Blog, a Community Forum, a News & Research section, and updated the popular Online Relaxation Exercises. For those who have sent me email about offering these exercises as MP3s CDs for purchase, I am working on that as well. You may also notice that I have allowed advertisement on my website. While I have declined doing this in the past, it has become useful for me to do so in order to pay for the hosting service and other needs of the site.

I plan to continue to add new content to As always, if you have any suggestions for information or features you’d like to see on this site, you are welcome to contact me at

Dr.P :)